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When a National Pet Store Chain Needed a New Look, We Provided the Non-Slip Solution


Washing a wriggling pup is slippery business as it is - but years of wear have taken their toll on the hard-working grooming areas, leaving some bathing bunkers with cracked tiles and floors that add risk for wet dogs and their bathers.

Our pet store customer takes its grooming services, and the safety of their customer's pets, very seriously. So, it was no surprise when the company approached one of Citadel's concrete coating installers, looking to upgrade their stores' bathing bunkers.

"The floors had various different coatings on them and they (the customer) were looking to make it more consistent," explained Steven Bielunski, National Flooring Specialist for Citadel. "The same could be said for the walls."

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the installer's approach:

The contractor's team removed cracked tiles and flooring, sanding down and preparing the surfaces to better bond with coatings.


Both floors and walls were upgraded with durable coatings:

•   2 coats of OverKrete Xtra V were applied to the walls.
•   Primer Polyurea 350 was applied to the floor with a full vinyl chip broadcast for an aesthetically pleasing look.
•   The contractor then applied topcoat PG100, with an anti-slip additive.

The end results? Water-resistant surfaces and slip-resistant floors, updating the grooming areas with a clean, modern look that is highly durable, and easy to maintain - without breaking the bank.

The client is so happy with the results, they are adding more coating installations. "We are expanding into other areas for them, as some locations are required to have more areas coated," Bielunski described. "When we can expand beyond the bathing bunker, we are using the vinyl chip system listed above, or two coats of the Ultra 2. This all depends on the location."

If your facility is looking for a way to improve its surfaces and get a new look - or, if you're a contractor looking to expand your business to your local pet groomers' facilities, let's talk. Click here to schedule a no-obligation call with one of our coating experts today, and we're happy to walk you through the materials your project needs.

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