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Fast Patch™

Citadel's Fast Patch is a two-component patch material used to repair cracks, spalls and minor damage to concrete surfaces and apply coatings without waiting for the repairs to cure. Fast Patch has zero VOCs, is easy to mix at a 1:1 ratio, and no special equipment is required for application.

Typical Uses: Repair cracks and minor spalls in concrete

Size: Available in 1 or 2 quart kits (Concrete Gray color)

Coverage: Varies

Polyflex 93™

Polyflex-93 is a two component, 100% solids, VOC Compliant, self-leveling flexible control and expansion joint filler. It cures rapidly and consistently at temperatures ranging from 0° to 120°F. With a tack-free time of less than 25 minutes, it reduces downtime and allows vehicle or foot traffic in one hour. Excellent elastomeric properties make it flexible while its bond to the concrete's joints leads to long lasting performance. Polyflex-93 can be easily coated over using a wide variety of Citadel products.

Typical Uses: Polyflex-93 is designed to fill expansion joints in concrete. Requires a dual cartridge gun for application.

Size: Available in a 22oz dual cartridge (Concrete Gray color)

Coverage: Varies

Fortification Formula™

Fortification Formula is a fast setting, low viscosity modifed Polyurea repair material that is very versatile in repairing and rebuilding damaged concrete. Fortification Formula is a dual component, 1:1 ratio, easy to mix system that is 100% solids and VOC free. It is an excellent choice for repairs that require fast return-to-service times (10-30 minutes). Best of all, it can be applied at any temperature with adjustable workability.

Typical Uses: Fortification Formula can be used to set anchor bolts, repair cracks and damaged control joints, fill spalling, and rebuild vertical curbing and steps. It bonds well to concrete, wood, fiberglass and asphalt and can be used in depths of 1/16" to 3" without filler. Once cured, Fortification Formula will not swell or shrink with temperature changes. It's non-porous and will not allow bacteria, mold and other pathogens to bond to it.

Size: Available in 1 Gal Kits and a 22oz dual cartridge (Concrete Gray color)

Coverage: Varies

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