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Gain Customers and Referrals in 4 Easy Steps


As a concrete flooring contractor and installer, your marketing efforts are always aimed at that next client and project. Interesting marketing copy and referrals are a big part of a client's decision making process. How can you present your company so that your marketing stands out to new clients while old clients are ready to become referral sources?

1. Be specific.

Anyone can claim that a concrete coating product is "unique" or "best on the market" or "state of the art" and that their service is "customer-centric." But very few concrete flooring companies bother to tell the customer why. The more specific you are about the advantages of your floor finishing system, the better:

  • How long will their coated concrete floor last?
  • What are the benefits of one concrete coating versus another?
  • How will you ensure stellar customer service and clear communication during the project?

2. Be honest.

Communicate what your clients can expect. Fewer surprises mean happier customers. Don't ignore issues; anticipate them:

  • Create floor finishing samples so that customers can see how the coating affects the concrete surface, rather than relying on a photo with its possible distortions.
  • If you know that variations in color or texture will result, let the client know.
  • Create a document for the client that describes how to clean, maintain, and avoid damage to the surface.

3. Educate your customers.

When you are perceived as a subject-matter expert, your customers are sold on your business before they sign the contract. It doesn't matter if "everyone in the industry knows that." What matters is: Has anyone told the customer? Share your industry knowledge:

  • Provide how-to videos.
  • Show before-and-after photos.
  • Explain how your staff is trained.
  • Describe the floor finishing systems you recommend.
  • Detail each step of the concrete flooring installation from preparation to maintenance.

4. Make the human connection.

  • Tell the stories of the clients you serve: One of the best ways to present yourself and your company is through case studies, as in, "Here is what we did to solve one customer's problem."
  • Remember what distresses you as a customer at other companies: for example, wouldn't you rather hear the reasons why you need a floor finishing system than be kept guessing?
  • Build relationships and partnerships with companies with a common interest (real estate firms, interior designers, and so on), so that you can refer to and support each other.

Once you have the facts about coatings at your disposal, be ready to share them with your customers specifically, honestly, in the spirit of education, and with a true human connection. We can help. Click here to schedule a chat with one of our concrete coating experts.

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