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Is it Worth Fixing? How to Know Whether Concrete Can be Coated or is Beyond Repair


We've written extensively on how to repair and prepare concrete for coating. Concrete that can be fixed is cracked only at the surface or has very thin cracks where concrete on either side of the crack is level. But how do you know when is concrete is beyond repair?

If cracking or damage is due to any of the three following conditions, the concrete must be replaced:

1) Widespread, deep cracks where settlement has occurred

When concrete is cracked all the way through the surface, because of the weight of large trucks, improper sub grade preparation, sub grade erosion, or any other reason, patching with any of our fast patch compounds will only fix the problem for the short-term.

2) Sunken concrete

Sunken concrete occurs when the sub grade was not properly prepared. For example, if loose dirt was used for the sub grade, it sometimes settles due to sprinkler or rain water seeping under the concrete. The concrete is unsupported and may sink.

Sunken concrete can also sometimes be caused by the concrete being subjected to extreme weight, compacting the sub grade. In this case, the condition can be fixed with special equipment that raises the concrete without damaging the slab.

3) Frost heave

Common in areas with cold climates, frost heave applies especially to sidewalks and walkways. Moisture in the ground freezes and pushes the concrete upward.

In most of the above scenarios, the concrete and sub grade will need to be removed and replaced. "Get the advice of a local soils engineer on sub grade preparation and material needed to prepare sub grade for your area," Concrete Network suggests, whether you opt to tackle the project yourself, or contract the job out.

Getting a sinking feeling that your current concrete coating job may require more than a patch job? Need material recommendations? Schedule a chat with one of our flooring experts, or visit us at World of Concrete (Booth# S12107) and let us help you figure it out.

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