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Job Delays: How Much Business Are You Losing to Long Cure Times?


Quick cure time may be the single most important factor to your teamís productivity and revenue.

With epoxies, it can take 3, 4 or even 5 days to complete a job, between coat and cure time, depending on the projectís specs.

Polyurea cures much quicker than other polymer-based coatings: typically, 4-6 hours after installation the floor is good to walk on, and within 24 hours itís good for vehicle traffic.

What using a quick-cure material like polyurea does for contractors is reduce job time to one day of labor. You can prep the surface, coat it with primer, broadcast vinyl chips, finish with a topcoat and return it to service 24 hours later. Yep, itís a long day, but overall labor costs are lower.

Depending on the size of your business and team, days lost to cure time mean:

  • Lost time and ability to work on other job sites, and therefore less revenue over the same amount of time.
  • Higher labor costs to cover longer cure times and revisit the site to apply additional coats.
  • Potential customers lost to competitors who offer a shorter cure time, and therefore less downtime or inconvenience for them.
  • If youíre a small, each-person-many-hats operation, you may also be losing that time to bid on new business, make sales calls, and otherwise grow your business.

Shorter cure time means you can book more jobs. Itís as simple as that.

In fact, in a recent article, we featured how some contractors are using the 1-day cure to double their business the day of the job Ė over and above days saved by using a quick-cure material like polyurea.

Speed isnít the only advantage polyurea offers, incidentally. It can be applied in extreme temperatures, so youíre not a slave to weather or environmental conditions, including humidity. Polyurea is not susceptible to the many drawbacks that other polymers experience when applied with high humidity such as bubbles in the surface and uneven curing. And it applies with low to no VOCís or odor.

The advantages of using polyurea arenít limited to installation. Finished polyurea systems offer unsurpassed durability, chemical and abrasion resistance, and elongation: polyurea is 98% more flexible than epoxy, expanding, contracting, and moving with concrete surfaces without cracking or peeling.

If youíd like to learn more about how to save time and increase your teamís productivity and revenue, letís talk. Click here to schedule a call with one of our coating experts.

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