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    a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-03-13";s:5:"title";s:62:"Case Study: An Auto Showroom's Step-by-Step Floor Installation";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:268:"A North Dakota collectible car dealership approached one of our trained installers, in need of a floor to match the high-quality and glossy appeal of their inventory. The client wanted a stylized "road" cutting down the middle of the showroom to feature select models.";s:5:"image";s:63:"";s:3:"url";s:66:"";}
    a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-03-06";s:5:"title";s:41:"6 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Installers";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:216:"Even if your winter concrete coating projects keep your team primarily indoors, cold weather and dropping temperatures bring safety hazards that apply to all contractors, even simply getting to and from the job site.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190306.jpg";s:3:"url";s:83:"";}
    a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-02-27";s:5:"title";s:39:"How to Remove Salt Stains from Concrete";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:220:"Salt and deicers create a chemical mix that, diluted with enough water, seeps into concrete. The brine re-freezes when temperatures drop, then evaporates when temperatures warm - leaving damaged concrete and salt stains.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190227.jpg";s:3:"url";s:74:"";}
    a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-02-20";s:5:"title";s:71:"What Your Customers Need to Know About Winter's Effect on Garage Floors";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:178:"Winter is upon us, with a vengeance. In our Midwestern region of the US, temperatures are plunging well below zero and "Stay warm!" has replaced "Goodbye" as a standard greeting.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190220.jpg";s:3:"url";s:73:"";}
  • What Your Customers Need to Know About Winter's Effect on Garage Floors
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-30";s:5:"title";s:64:"Contractors: 5 Tips for Boosting your Coating Installation Sales";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:441:"As a contractor worth his salt, you don't want to bid solely on price. Although you want to be competitive, this is about offering the best quality results for the client versus the cheapest. You may use materials that cost more per square foot but offer better lifetime value. Or you may have a higher labor rate but save money for your clients overall by using coatings that cure quickly, slashing labor time to a fraction of competitors'.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190130.jpg";s:3:"url";s:89:"";}
  • Contractors: 5 Tips for Boosting your Coating Installation Sales
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-23";s:5:"title";s:103:"The Butcher, the Baker... Recommended Concrete Coating Practices for Messy, Greasy Food Prep Facilities";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:297:"With the holidays just behind us, odds are that at least one of those celebratory meals featured a roast turkey, ham or other family favorite. If you or a loved one had anything to do with its making, you're familiar with the mess and grease that are part and parcel of preparing and cooking meat.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190123.jpg";s:3:"url";s:84:"";}
  • The Butcher, the Baker... Recommended Concrete Coating Practices for Messy, Greasy Food Prep Facilities
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-21";s:5:"title";s:37:"Case Study: A Quick Return to Service";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:0:"";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190121.jpg";s:3:"url";s:63:"";}
  • Case Study: A Quick Return to Service
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-16";s:5:"title";s:83:"Is it Worth Fixing? How to Know Whether Concrete Can be Coated or is Beyond Repair";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:266:"We've written extensively on how to repair and prepare concrete for coating. Concrete that can be fixed is cracked only at the surface or has very thin cracks where concrete on either side of the crack is level. But how do you know when is concrete is beyond repair?";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190116.jpg";s:3:"url";s:83:"";}
  • Is it Worth Fixing? How to Know Whether Concrete Can be Coated or is Beyond Repair
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-14";s:5:"title";s:40:"Case Study: First Flooring Job a Success";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:0:"";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190114.jpg";s:3:"url";s:63:"";}
  • Case Study: First Flooring Job a Success
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-09";s:5:"title";s:42:"How to Improve Safety Talks with Your Team";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:265:"Safety is a critical issue for you and your team – not just from a compliance and potential liability standpoint, but from an integrity standpoint. You want your guys to stay safe and healthy. So, when you next have a "toolbox talk" with your team, make it "stick."";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190109.jpg";s:3:"url";s:74:"";}
  • How to Improve Safety Talks with Your Team
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-07";s:5:"title";s:45:"Case Study: Facility In Need of Floor Coating";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:0:"";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190107.jpg";s:3:"url";s:63:"";}
  • Case Study: Facility In Need of Floor Coating
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2019-01-02";s:5:"title";s:34:"New Year, Fresh Marketing Strategy";s:8:"subtitle";s:54:"Get Real About Your Ideal Client and Get More Business";s:4:"meta";s:339:"As we ring in the New Year, what are your resolutions for the coming year? It’s not uncommon as contractors and business owners to have resolutions in your professional as well as your personal life—especially around finally implementing that marketing tactic or plan… or finally creating a strategy in the first place to win more clients.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20190102.jpg";s:3:"url";s:75:"";}
  • New Year, Fresh Marketing Strategy
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-12-26";s:5:"title";s:57:"3 Ways to Save Time on Your Next Concrete Coating Install";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:197:"Time is money. Finding ways to save time on your next installation could make the difference between walking away with a profit… or not, as the cost of materials and labor increases with each hour.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181226.jpg";s:3:"url";s:77:"";}
  • 3 Ways to Save Time on Your Next Concrete Coating Install
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-12-17";s:5:"title";s:41:"Let it Snow: Cold Weather Do's and Don'ts";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:363:"Just because the coldest months of the year are upon us, doesn't mean that you can't keep coating concrete. Our polyurea concrete coating can be applied in both winter's and summer's extremes, from temperatures as low as -20°F up to 140°F. (Many other coatings can only be applied between 50° and 100°F, restricting installation to warmer months.)";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181219.jpg";s:3:"url";s:68:"";}
  • Let it Snow: Cold Weather Do's and Don'ts
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-12-12";s:5:"title";s:51:"Keep your Concrete Coating Company Busy this Winter";s:8:"subtitle";s:45:"Protect Garage Floors From Salt and Chemicals";s:4:"meta";s:155:"Many contractors accept the seasonal slow-down as an unavoidable consequence of cold weather and customers busy with holiday preparation and celebrations. ";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181212.jpg";s:3:"url";s:93:"";}
  • Keep your Concrete Coating Company Busy this Winter
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-12-05";s:5:"title";s:59:"Tiny Bubbles: For Your Champagne, Not Your Concrete Coating";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:238:"With the holiday season nearly upon us, we’ll have more than one opportunity for a celebratory toast, fizzy drink in hand – whether it’s a flute of champagne, an ice-cold beer, or sparkling water. Hey, in our glasses, bubbles are welcome.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181205.jpg";s:3:"url";s:80:"";}
  • Tiny Bubbles: For Your Champagne, Not Your Concrete Coating
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-11-28";s:5:"title";s:57:"Five Critical Steps to Take Before Coating a Garage Floor";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:116:"As a professional floor coating contractor, here are five must-do’s before you begin your next garage floor project.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181128.jpg";s:3:"url";s:85:"";}
  • Five Critical Steps to Take Before Coating a Garage Floor
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-11-21";s:5:"title";s:76:"What Concrete Flooring Contractors Have to be Grateful For this Thanksgiving";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:350:"As you (hopefully) get a break from your busy schedule to celebrate with family, toss a football around, and tuck into a delicious dinner this Thanksgiving, here are some things for which concrete flooring contractors—hard-working folk that you are—can reflect upon and be grateful for, before the turkey’s tryptophan lulls you into a post-feast nap.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181121.jpg";s:3:"url";s:96:"";}
  • What Concrete Flooring Contractors Have to be Grateful For this Thanksgiving
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-11-14";s:5:"title";s:78:"Visit Citadel Floors at World of Concrete in Vegas this January (Booth S12107)";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:165:"The World of Concrete is to the commercial concrete and masonry industry what the Super Bowl is to football. (And this year, they happen a little over a week apart.)";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181114.jpg";s:3:"url";s:85:"";}
  • Visit Citadel Floors at World of Concrete in Vegas this January (Booth S12107)
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-11-08";s:5:"title";s:46:"Save Time Without Losing Adjustable Cure Speed";s:8:"subtitle";s:58:"Pre-Tinted Polyurea-350 Now Available in All Season Blends";s:4:"meta";s:587:"Our go-to base coat, Polyurea 350, was first released in 2009, and was immediately embraced for its efficiency and ease-of-use. “Polyurea 350's unique composition lets contractors enjoy faster installation times, as well as the ability to offer customers year-round installations,” declared this SpecialChem article. (And when you consider cost per square foot and labor savings, polyurea is competitively priced compared to other materials, as well). The system let the material pre-cure, allowing the installer to wet-out large surface areas before broadcasting for better consistency.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181108.jpg";s:3:"url";s:88:"";}
  • Save Time Without Losing Adjustable Cure Speed
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-10-31";s:5:"title";s:56:"How to Install a Polyurea Concrete Coating, Step by Step";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:356:"First things first: get your team trained. Having a standard, repeated process ensures that your installers will get it right, every time; training ensures that. When possible, train directly with the manufacturer, preferably in-person at their facility, so you can get answers from the source on specific product questions, as well as hands-on experience.";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181031.jpg";s:3:"url";s:88:"";}
  • How to Install a Polyurea Concrete Coating, Step by Step
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-10-24";s:5:"title";s:64:"How to Close More Sales: 5 Tips for Your Next Sales Presentation";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:318:"How long is your “sales cycle”? It takes time to win a potential client’s trust enough to go from the initial inquiry to making that critical pitch as a coatings installer. But when you do get in front of that facility owner or general contractor, are you ready with a powerful presentation, customized to their needs?";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181024.jpg";s:3:"url";s:72:"";}
  • How to Close More Sales: 5 Tips for Your Next Sales Presentation
  • a:6:{s:4:"date";s:10:"2018-10-17";s:5:"title";s:64:"The Best School Floors: 6 Usages, and 1 Coating to Rule Them All";s:8:"subtitle";s:0:"";s:4:"meta";s:381:"As I pulled together the research on the different specifications that schools require when coating their floors, I couldn’t help but be transported back to the days when I walked the shiny halls of grade school and encountered J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit for the first time—and the magical Ring in its pages, central to The Lord of the Rings’ story. “One Ring to rule them all.”";s:5:"image";s:29:"/articles/images/20181017.jpg";s:3:"url";s:93:"";}
  • The Best School Floors: 6 Usages, and 1 Coating to Rule Them All
  • DIY & Rocksolid
  • Citadel introduces Revolutionary Deck Coating into Rocksolid Range

Why 80% of concrete coatings fail – and how to prevent it


In the rush to cover your concrete floor, you may miss an important step… and shorten the lifespan of your new coating. Ask any industry expert, or poke your head into any flooring contractor forum, and the single most cited cause for floor coating failures is moisture.

"Coatings, carpet, vinyl, rubber, wood, laminates and most floor coverings are affected to one degree or another by excess water vapor emissions through a concrete slab," writes Christopher Capobianco in a 2007 Plant Services article that's no less relevant today.

Too much moisture in the concrete causes adhesive oozing, bumps, dents, cupping, bubbles, indentations, wheel marks and more. Left untreated, moisture can create health and safety hazards caused by mold, mildew and uneven flooring.

Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters, in an article written earlier this year, estimates that "nearly 80 percent of coatings fail because the concrete surface was incorrectly prepared." However, budget and time constraints often pressure general contractors and facility managers to rush a flooring installation project over concrete that's too wet – to the tune of over $1 billion in annual damages.

You say potato, I say dry concrete... Part of the problem lies in the misuse of terms like curing and drying. Though often used interchangeably, a fully cured floor is not equivalent to a dry floor. This difference becomes critical when you understand that a successful coating requires the latter.

Curing is the chemical reaction that bonds the water, cement and aggregate together to make concrete – about 28 days per 4-inch slab. Drying refers to evaporating the excess water (about 2/3 of the water in the mix) from the concrete after the curing process is complete – which can take months, depending on concrete mix, conditions, and surface preparation.

So, how do you keep your project moving and on budget?

Begin with a detailed plan, guided by experts. It's important to know what to ask for, how to test for moisture levels in concrete, and what to do if you discover a problem.

Pre-planning with a qualified flooring installer or reputable product manufacturer to consider all factors – from whether to use a moisture mitigation system on top of the concrete, to navigating the durability and cure time of various coatings – will save you time and money.

Worried about moisture? Whether you're planning a new coating project over your concrete floor or trouble-shooting a flooring project in progress, let us walk you through what to do next. We can connect you with a Citadel-certified flooring installer in your area. Click here for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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