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Is your driveway falling to pieces? Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars getting your driveway resealed and maintained? Finally Citadel's Rocksolid range offers an answer to your problem.

We have developed an Asphalt Coating (Patent Pending), which will revolutionise all driveways in the future. The coating is a pure polyurea layer that is embedded with recycled colslag – colslag is the residue from coal in energy plants and is used for sandblasting (it is VERY strong as it is used for blasting metal).  This coating is pitch black, glistens in the sun and has an absolutely gorgeous finish – it will make your driveway the envy of all neighbours.

Traditional sealers for driveways are 16 cents per metre and you will have to reseal this every year- Rocksolids Asphalt Coating on the other hand is approximately $2.60 per metre and you have a lifetime warranty  - you will never have to reseal this again! The best part is that it comes in a DIY kit which saves you hundreds of dollars in labour. It is easy and simple to use, like all other Rocksolid products. An asphalt patch kit has also been developed which can patch up any holes in your driveway. 

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