Innovative Flooring Solutions
Citadel Floor Finishing Systems Technology


Citadel has always passionately led the floor coating industry with our innovative Polyurea technologies.

Thanks to our almost complete focus on research and development, we are able to create floor coatings with lower VOCs and more adjustable cure rates than anything our competitors can even come close to. Our constant and passionate research worldwide brings us to the cutting edge of floor coatings technology.

Citadel's world-class research has enabled the development of floor coating technology that is resistant to tire wear, staining, and damage due to salt, sunlight, or any of a number of harsh and abrasive chemicals. This durability is present not just at the time of installation, but for years, and far longer than alternative floor coating solutions.

Where other products take days to install, Citadel's technology is ready for human and vehicle traffic within a day, allowing your business to install with almost no time lost, all at a fraction of the cost of many epoxy based coatings.


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