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Durability of Citadel’s Polyurea

Citadel’s Polyurea is an extremely durable product, which was developed for and will withstand both ordinary and extraordinary wear and tear.

  • Due to its chemical makeup and structure, Citadel’s Polyurea creates a very strong bond with concrete and has the ability to expand and contract with change in the surface and underlying ground temperature.  This means there is no chipping, cracking or hot tire pick-up. Hot tire pick-up occurs when a car’s tires are hot from driving; the heat and pressure from the tires may melt or peel the paint or coating, separating it from the floor.
  • Citadel’s Polyurea maintains its color and does not fade or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Citadel’s Polyurea is a ‘tough’ surface resistant to scratching, water, salt, oils and other chemicals one might find in a garage or in a vehicle.

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