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Citadel’s Polyurea has been refined to the point where the installation can be handled by a capable do-it-yourself homeowner on any given weekend.

  • Citadel’s Polyurea can be applied in extreme temperatures, from as low  -20° to 140°F.  This is important because most applications are not performed in a climate-controlled setting giving the contractor or DIY homeowner more flexibility in deciding when to install the coating.  
  • Citadel’s Polyurea is not susceptible to the many drawbacks that other polymers experience when applied with high humidity such as bubbles in the surface and uneven curing.
  • Citadel’s Polyurea cures much quicker than other polymer based coatings.  Typically 4-6 hours after installation the floor is ok to walk on and 24 hours after installation it is ok for cars.
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