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Case Study: An Auto Showroom's Step-by-Step Floor Installation


A North Dakota collectible car dealership approached one of our trained installers, in need of a floor to match the high-quality and glossy appeal of their inventory. The client wanted a stylized “road” cutting down the middle of the showroom to feature select models.

Here's how installer Garage Logic did it:

First, in preparation, the floor's concrete surface was mechanically ground to a salt and pepper profile.

To create the outer area on both sides of the road, they:

  • Applied Poly-350 base coat, tinted black, to the outer 27' on both sides of the road.
  • Broadcast 1/4” red and black vinyl chips to full rejection. Recovered loose chips to save and scraped the remaining chips flat.
  • Applied RG-80x topcoat in the outer area to lock the chips down.

Next, to create the road:

  • Applied 3" tape on the floor for the white border and yellow center dashed lines.
  • Applied Poly-350 base coat tinted black and broadcast black chip to rejection.
  • Recovered the loose chips to save and scraped the remaining chips flat. Applied RG-80x topcoat.

Then, to finish the white and yellow lines:

  • Very carefully cut in the lines and broadcasted with full chip.
  • Scraped and vacuumed the lines and applied RG-80x topcoat to the lines alone.

Finally, the next day, to complete the project:

  • Scuff-sanded and solvent-wiped the entire area.
  • Applied a final layer of RG-80x topcoat, to tie the floor together.

The results? A glossy, elegant floor that is 100% UV stable and abrasion- and chemical-resistant. From prep to finished product, the floor was completed in two days, even with multiple colors and striping. If you're looking to create similar results for your clients, let's chat! Schedule a free, no-obligation call with one of our flooring experts here.

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