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3 Ways to Save Time on Your Next Concrete Coating Install


Time is money. Finding ways to save time on your next installation could make the difference between walking away with a profit… or not, as the cost of materials and labor increases with each hour.

Time—and therefore cost—control doesn’t just improve your profitability; it can help you win more projects. (Your customers want to save time and labor costs, too!)

The key to saving time is in looking at your job process from start to finish. How can your crew work more efficiently and effectively? Here are some easy, common-sense ways to begin streamlining your workflow – to save you, your team, and your clients time and money:

1) Use easier-to-install products.

Are you having to install extra layers because of material limitations?

Depending on the flooring system your client has chosen, you may not need a separate primer. For example, our 350 product works as both primer and base coat. Or, installation can be as simple as applying a tinted primer followed by a clear coat (as in our solid color system).

With high solids polyurea coatings, you need less material—and associated labor—for the same result. Usually, as component solvents evaporate during the drying process, coating thickness reduces. To compensate, more coats are added until the desired thickness is achieved.

100% solids maintain the same level of thickness from the time they are applied to the time they have dried – with >80% solids not much different. Less required coatings mean less material needed—and less labor and time to apply it.

2) Use more efficient products.

How much money are you losing to cure time? The longer it takes your coating material to cure, the longer you’re stuck on-site and on a project.

Polyurea cures much quicker than other polymer-based coatings: typically, 4-6 hours after installation the floor is good to walk on, and within 24 hours it’s good for vehicle traffic.

3) Educate and train your team.

The better your crew knows how to install the materials, the more effective and efficient they can be. Be sure to register them for the manufacturer’s certified training program for each product you use, so your people are aware of the nuances of applying each system and material. (If your supplier doesn’t offer hands-on training, it may be time to check out a new vendor, and ask these 5 questions.)

Industry conferences are another great place for your team to hone their skills. Next month’s World of Concrete features an education program with 180+ offerings providing training and certification, safety, leadership and construction fundamentals and more, including 70+ new sessions and 135+ industry speakers. We’ll be there! It’s not too late to register and visit us at Booth# S12107.

Are you in the midst of a time-consuming installation right now, or planning your next big job? Click here to schedule a chat with one of our flooring experts to learn how you can save time (and money) on your next project.

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