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Contractors: 5 Tips for Boosting your Coating Installation Sales


1. Talk value over price.

As a contractor worth his salt, you don't want to bid solely on price. Although you want to be competitive, this is about offering the best quality results for the client versus the cheapest. You may use materials that cost more per square foot but offer better lifetime value. Or you may have a higher labor rate but save money for your clients overall by using coatings that cure quickly, slashing labor time to a fraction of competitors'.

If your coating will last longer, has a better warranty, and/or will increase the worth, safety or effectiveness of your client's home or business facility, emphasize those benefits in your bid. Don't try to win every job with the lowest offer; instead, win with the highest quality.

2. Present well.

You want to make a good impression—so your first impression isn't your last! Be a good, polished presenter, or hire a salesperson who is. The way you communicate your bid is as important as the information itself. Professional sales collateral, digital presentations, and a confident and well-organized delivery can go a long way toward building trust in your company, especially for a new client.

3. State your credentials.

What makes you the best-qualified installer for job? In addition to your licenses as a contractor and business, your team likely has other qualifications, trainings and certifications that matter to your clients. Perhaps you attend industry events to stay current with the most advanced technology and techniques in your field. List your qualifications on your website and invite your clients to check you out online. (It's not bragging; it's good, trust-building marketing.)

4. Share references and testimonials.

Present recent customer experiences or case studies, client reviews and testimonials. In terms of references, be sure that you have permission before sharing a customer's information. Encourage existing customers to leave reviews online; these are the new "word-of-mouth" referrals, now easy to collect and share with the prevalence of social media platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Houzz and others.

5. Give choices.

Offer different selections within your bid, showing your awareness of budgeting and time issues, and your company's versatility and flexibility. You want to put your potential client in the position of choosing between say, option A or option B—rather than a black-and-white, "take it or leave it," yes or no to working with your company.

Armed with a strong value proposition, good presentation skills, hard-earned credentials and testimonials, and a flexible bid, you will have a competitive edge over other contractors. Make sure your materials match the value of your offer; schedule a chat with one of our flooring experts to find out what your options are, or become one of our certified installers.

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