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How to Close More Sales: 5 Tips for Your Next Sales Presentation


How long is your “sales cycle”? It takes time to win a potential client’s trust enough to go from the initial inquiry to making that critical pitch as a coatings installer. But when you do get in front of that facility owner or general contractor, are you ready with a powerful presentation, customized to their needs?

The biggest mistake most contractors or sales people make is focusing on what they offer, company history, and why their services are better than others’. Sounds like Sales 101, right? That outdated formula, however, no longer works. Critical to your success is asking the right questions and communicating from the prospect’s point of view.

Patricia Fripp is a keynote speaker, executive speech coach, and sales presentation expert; in her article for Coatings Pro Magazine, she offers 5 ways to improve your sales presentations, so they convert more leads into cash in the bank:

1. State your experience without spending a whole lot of time on the subject.

Fripp suggests phrases like: “Based on 15 years of helping clients of your size and complexity, I have discovered . . .” or “With the last five clients in your industry, I have found . . .” Work it in without belaboring the point, and focus on the client’s challenges, priorities, or interests instead.

2. Ask high-quality questions.

A presentation is really a conversation. You are discovering their requirements, how complex or major the installation is, how big the opportunity, and/or how much it’s costing them not to replace their flooring.

For an upscale salon, a dated floor may detract from their luxe image and cost them business. A warehouse without appropriate anti-slip flooring runs the risk of employee injuries and associated expenses.

3. Take notes on what the client says.

If it makes sense, try to use their own words in responding to your potential clients, in conversation, and then weave them into your proposal. They can’t argue with themselves! Let them do most of the talking.

4. Document your discovery questions.

Create a system around your sales process. Every sales person, from the newbie to the most senior sales rep on your team should follow the same questioning and presentation structure.

5. Clarify how your prospects can benefit from your product or service, based on their answers to your questions.

“Make sure you use more of a ‘You’ focus than an ‘I’ or ‘We’ focus,” Fripp writes. Remember, they are more interested in themselves than in you!

At your presentation’s conclusion, don’t forget to ask for their business.

Preparing for a sales presentation, or putting together the proposal? Our flooring experts can help. Schedule a call with one of our team to see how our products can give your sales pitch a competitive edge—and help you close the sale.

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