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Keep your Concrete Coating Company Busy this Winter

Protect Garage Floors From Salt and Chemicals


Many contractors accept the seasonal slow-down as an unavoidable consequence of cold weather and customers busy with holiday preparation and celebrations.

“Some entrepreneurs in the contracting industry, particularly in the northern regions, face harsh challenges as a result of geographical location and bad weather,” states this article by Bento Technologies. “Projects are few and far between in the winter and working conditions can be tough,” with snow, ice and freezing temperatures impacting materials, construction environment, and even the health of your team.

The businesses that best weather the season (pun intended) are the ones that see and leverage opportunities for expanded or niche services.

With winter and snow comes roads covered in salt and de-icers. These chemicals help to make it safe to drive, but attach to the undercarriage of cars, to be deposited on garage floors at the end of the day. Harsh effects include:

  • Damage and spalling, or finely cracked or flaking cement: The slurry of winter chemicals soaks into bare concrete, refreezing and expanding its pores to slowly degrade the floor. (Even water alone can do this on a particularly porous floor.)
  • Subflorescence: When winter’s moisture finally evaporates from the garage floor, the salt left behind recrystallizes in concrete's pores.
  • Hard-to-remove salt stains that may require commercial cleaners: Rinsing with warm water alone does not effectively remove chemicals, and can redeposit salt on the floor’s surface.

Share this information with existing and potential customers: are they protecting their garage floors from the damaging effects of winter?

Create a niche offering, a “winter special” that will clean, repair and coat garage floors to reverse the effects of salt and de-icers, and prevent further damage. (Find your options for winterizing garage floors here.)

And if winterizing garage floors isn’t your cup of tea, here are 5 more ways to keep business hopping through the holidays.

You can help protect your customer’s garage floors from the effects of winter—while protecting your business from the effects of seasonal slow-down. Click here to schedule a chat to learn more about the most long-lasting, environmentally-green salt-resistant concrete coating solutions (that can be applied even at freezing temps).

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