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Full Broadcast Chip System

Our chip systems provide decorative yet highly durable surfaces with the appearance of granite, marble or terrazzo.

Our 2 layer, easy to install chip systems are our most popular seller with installers. They are great for any garage, basement, bathrooms, and light commercial environments. Use RG-80x as a top coat for ease of use. There are many different colors of chip to choose from which makes it easy to make that exact floor that you have been picturing! 

Citadel Floor Finishing Systems exclusively uses and distributes decorative chips manufactured by Torginol, Inc. These chips are made of a vinyl composite and have been developed to soak in and absorb resinous coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, and our specialty products – Polyureas and Polyaspartic Polyureas. Our materials have been used on tens of thousands of square feet of floor coatings in conjunction with these vinyl chips. While there are other manufacturers of decorative chips out there, we have tested and used all of them only to find that the physical properties of these chips are counterproductive to our systems. Here is the reason why:

Other acrylic and urethane chips have a non-flexible nature which results in more topcoat being required. This can raise the cost of a floor by 15-20%. These non-flexible rigid chips also cannot be smoothened which means the floor can become too rough. With our vinyl chips, floors are even and smooth. 

 The way that some of the other companies handle the use of the Acrylic and Urethane chips is to do what is considered an 80-90% broadcast, leaving a large amount of basecoat showing through and creating patches or uneven areas of coverage. This is what allows them to reach their coverage rates with their topcoats. 

Sacrificing looks for cost is something that Citadel Floor Finishing Systems is not willing to do, and we urge our customers to follow suit. Installing premium finish floor coatings using premium products is what sets Citadel installers apart from the competition. 

Recommended Standard System:

Small Chip Full Broadcast Colors

Large Chip Full Broadcast Colors

Full Broadcast:

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