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Citadel 4600 SC

Electrostatic Discharge Control Decorative Quartz

Commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities that require ESD (electrostatic discharge) control and desire a decorative look will benefit from 4600 SC heavy-duty coating.

This three-component decorative quartz blend resists chemicals, vehicle traffic and impact with 2 to 3 times the load carrying capacity of concrete.

4600-SC (Decorative ESD-Control Coating)

Components Base Coat (Base, Activator), SC Quartz Aggregate & Sealer (Base, Activator)

Turnaround Time 12 hours (foot); 24 hours (full); 4 days (chemical)

Primer Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer

Sealer 9600 SC Sealer

Texture High Profile, Aggressive Anti-Skid; Low Profile can be achieved by applying two coats of sealer.

Application Type Type II

Film Thickness 12-16 mils

Gloss & Color Retention Better

Installation Temperature 6590F (1832C)

Chemical Resistance Mild to Moderate

Abrasion Resistance Rubber Wheel

Impact Resistance Mild to Moderate

Thermal Shock Resistance Mild

Key Industries/Typical Applications
Decorative electrostatic discharge control base coat for institutional, commercial and pharmaceutical areas like clean rooms, hospitals, automated assembly areas, storage areas, computer control rooms, electronic assembly areas and electronic manufacturing plants.

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