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Citadel 9000

Epoxy Mortar Topping

The steady grind of a forklift in motion or the constant battering from heavy barrels is all in a hard day's work. Resurface spalled concrete or preserve and extend the life of new concrete floors with 9000-HD. This durable, protective topping covers your need for strong, seamless protection when mechanical abrasion and impact are extreme and exposure to chemicals is moderate.

  • Application with a screed box and power trowel, or it can be hand troweled in more confined areas
  • Level and resurface hazardous areas with seamless construction
  • For heavy-duty mechanical, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Superior compressive strength with twice the load-carrying capacity of uncoated concrete
  • Highest resin content in the industry for superior durability compared to other trowel-applied toppings
  • VOC compliant with 100% solids and low odor for use in all regulated areas

9000-HD (Heavy-Duty Topping)

Components Base, Activator, Aggregate

Turnaround Time 8-10 hours (foot); 24 hours (full); 4 days (chemical)

Primer 9000 Primer

Sealer 8000-OP, 8000-XTRA OP, or 8200 TX

Texture Various textures can be achieved by using Smooth, Orange Peel, or Textured coatings, 9000 or systems broadcasting vinyl chips

Application Type Type II

Film Thickness 186-250 mils

Gloss & Color Retention Best when topcoated

Installation Temperature 6590F (1832C)

Chemical Resistance Mild to Moderate

Abrasion Resistance Steel Wheel

Impact Resistance Severe

Thermal Shock Resistance Moderate

Key Industries/Typical Applications
Heavy-duty troweled flooring for industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, process areas, aisles, packaging (wrap & inventory), primary manufacturing and warehousing.

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